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Thursday, September 24th, 2020

A sincere thank you to everyone who joined us in making our first-ever virtual event, Folkfest Gives Back – Connecting Through Culture, a great success. This year’s Folkfest was all about giving back the love and support that patrons have shown to us for over four decades, and we are grateful that so many Folkfesters came together to show us that support again this year.

Folkfest Gives Back featured many of the diverse, vibrant cultures that call Saskatoon home. Our Folkfest Member Pavilions pulled together to create a virtual multicultural experience while maintaining the health and safety of our community through specially-recorded music and dance performances, as well as cooking demonstrations. Folkfest wouldn’t be Folkfest without food!

Our Spotlight on Youth highlighted our Youth Ambassadors honouring and learning about each other’s culture, as they performed heritage dances and shared what they feel makes Folkfest so special.

We are proud to have honoured the core of Folkfest’s mandate – to connect with our community and provide a platform for celebrating heritage and diversity – despite the challenges presented this year. We were grateful for the opportunity to remember that, even when we are apart, we are always connected through culture. To the many patrons who joined us live on August 15th and to the hundreds more that have experienced it virtually online since – we thank you for your support during these uncertain times. Stayed tuned to Folkfest via social media, and we hope to see you next summer!

2020 Youth Ambassadors

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Folkfest Gives Back

Connecting Through Culture - A Virtual Showcase