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Saskatoon Folkfest 2021 streaming live - August 20 & 21

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Saskatoon Folkfest announces -
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Streaming live August 20 & 21 at 7p.m.


Summer in Saskatoon means Folkfest! Are you ready for a FREE trip around the globe?

Gather your bubble in the backyard and tune into Folkfest 2021 for two virtual evenings filled with cultural dance, music, song, and FOOD!

From the lake, backyard, or in your home, digitally experience a diverse array of cultural performances. Of course, as Folkfest is synonymous with food, there will be even more cooking demonstrations this year! While virtual, we are recreating the festival atmosphere that we all miss experiencing. There will be exciting new activities for Folkfesters to enjoy throughout the summer.


Get involved with Folkfest 2021 – Culture Connect!

Are you up for a Cultural Challenge? The Folkfest Photo Quest is a fun all-ages activity that will have Folkfesters taking to the streets of Saskatoon, connecting culture with sites around the city. See all the Photo Quests on our website (under the “Festival Info” tab) and start exploring! Qualifying entries will be entered for a chance to win a Cultural Gift Basket!


Be a Folkfest 2021 VIP! Join our FREE Virtual Cultural Workshops.

Spend a behind-the-scenes evening with our Pavilion Cultural Mentors exploring traditional cuisine, dance, music, celebrations, and more! August 17, 18, & 25, at 7 pm via Zoom. View details and register by visiting the “Behind The Scenes Workshops” page under the “Festival Info” tab. 


Become a part of Folkfest 2021 by submitting a Culture Question!

Is there a cultural topic or element that you’ve been curious about? Here is your chance to ask! Selected questions will be featured in the 2021 virtual festival – Culture Connect live streaming on Facebook and YouTube on August 20 and 21 at 7 pm. For example: “Hi! My name is Jane, and I have always really enjoyed the festivities at the Greek pavilion. Could you tell me what is the meaning of the exclamation, ‘Opa!’, and what is the history behind the smashing of plates?” Submit your question by visiting the “Submit Your Culture Question” page under the “Festival Info” tab!


Wondering how you can support Saskatoon Folkfest?

Check out shopstoonfolkfest.com for a Taste of Folkfest! Order soon, the deadline for mouth-watering favorites from the India Pavilion is August 10 and 11; the Chinese Pavilion is August 16!

Our first-ever 50/50 online raffle is at saskatoonfolkfest5050.ca. Your support will strengthen Saskatoon Folkfest and our 21-member community groups!

Join us this summer for a fun, engaging, and safe virtual festival. Sign up online, mark your calendars for the Folkfest backyard bash featuring cultural performances from many long-time Pavilion favorites. Keep up to date on all the exciting activities, including upcoming contests, by clicking the “Sign Up” button below! 

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